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Heirloom Earth Restorative Facial
Experience: Your awakening begins with our creamy, hydrating Green Tea Milk Wash cleanser. Red Arizona montmorillonite clay and fine pumice grains help skin begin again, while Peat Perfection – a bionutrient, age-old plant matter -- rapidly soothes, moistens, and snuffs out any irritations or itchy ailments. Next, bask in a powerhouse serum ripe with fruit and vegetable high-antioxidant extracts and resveratrol from winery grapes. Then, a botanical blend of three milks and an age-easing peptide thoroughly moisturizes with line-releasing results. Finally, you look years younger with the application of Crow Catcher, a peptide-enhanced silky veil that imparts an instantly addictive eye firming effect that lasts and lasts. The best of earth, plant and peptides! 
Strawberry Avocado Citrine - Vine to Diving Freshening Facial
Experience: This zippy fruit-filled facial will kick-start your complexion. It begins with a hydrating Green Tea Milk Wash cleanser and whipped shea-sugar exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Next, a wholesome natural exfoliant smoothes and refi nes skin. It is made with skin-clearing strawberry fruit extract, organic lavender buds, softening rice powder, and clarifying white mud. Then, a rich, cooling avocado mask calms and infuses skin with moisture and essential fatty acids. Prepare for a smorgasbord of nutrients, as Wine Down Serum brings antioxidant bliss to skin -- hydrating, plumping and helping defend against free radical damage, followed by our peptidepacked moisturizers. 
Honey-Wine Resveratrol Recovery Facial 
Experience: This invigorating treatment is the ideal antidote to tired, dehydrated skin. First, enjoy a luxurious rinse with a green tea and coconut milk wash and an exfoliating Shea butter scrub. Next, your freshly cleansed complexion will be treated to a raw honey, yogurt and oats face mask designed to soothe and clarify. Wash it down with a peak-antioxidant wine-infused serum proven to reduce pore size and fine lines, before the Three Milks Ageless Moisturizer provides the perfect hydration backed with wrinkle-performance peptides that feel instantly firming.
Velvet Mango Replenishment Facial 
Experience: Clear your calendar and your skin as a Clementine antioxidant-rich oil nourishes skin, removing impurities, and sets the tone to an island facial escape. There is no better way to One Fine Day then with this whipped Shea Butter face polish with hints of grapefruit and citrus oils. An exfoliating blend of natural mango butter, extracts, rice powder and poppy seeds will gently exfoliate and rejuvenate, while a peptide-enhanced The Milk Moisturizer and Crow Catcher Transforming Eye Serum provides the grand finale to this velvety smooth facial. 
Perky Pumpkin-Radiance Boosting & Firming Facial
Experience: Say goodbye to dull and dry complexions, with this 5-course pumpkin facial! A creamy green tea and coconut milk wash cleans and hydrates your skin, and a clarifying Sand Your Ground Arizona red mineral mud exfoliator will smooth away dead skin and soothes with Desert Willow Bark. You’ll be painted in Splendid Dirt, an organic pumpkin puree nutrient mud mask that tingles, as it purifies and shrinks the look of your pores. Next, you’ll be pampered with Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer, a botanical milk blend with peptides that work to plump deep wrinkles. Finally, this perky pumpkin gets an eye lift- with Crow Catcher - a clinically tested serum that makes crow’s feet start running for the hills.
Coffee n' Cream CoQ10 Complexion Perfection Facial
Experience: Oh what a way to kick off your day! A creamy, green tea and coconut milk cleanser washes away excess dirt and oil, before a caffeine-infused caramel coffee sugar polish increases circulation, and nourishes your skin with Shea butter. Next, you’ll be painted in an antioxidant-rich dark chocolate mask, enriched with CoQ10 enzymes to prevent free radical damage. Finally, a Three Milk botanical blend moisturizer with clinical peptides, brings a rich, creamy finish that instantly feels firming as it helps spur on collagen production to reduce the look of deep wrinkles. Crow Catcher eye serum treats your eye area to a smooth, firm appearance so you look bright eyed and bushy tailed!  
Wine & Chocolate, Me Time Transformation Facial 
Experience: You’ll be pampered with a creamy coconut milk cleanser, and whipped into softness with a Shea butter and sugar polish. A rich dark chocolate and CoQ10 enzyme mask- chock full of vitamins and antioxidants will go to work for you, fighting free radical damage and leaving a smooth surface behind. A nutritional super-antioxidant cocktail, made from Texas winery grapes, provides a plumped and luscious complexion. Finally, crow’s feet are encouraged to run for the hills with a peptide serum that targets deep wrinkles and surface lines. 
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